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 * This file is part of tela the Tensor Language.
 * Copyright (c) 1994-2002 Pekka Janhunen

#ifndef ODE_H

#ifdef __GNUC__
#  pragma interface

#include "def.H"

extern void bsstep(Treal y[], Treal dydx[], int nv, Treal& xx, Treal htry, Treal eps,
                           Treal yscal[], Treal &hdid, Treal &hnext,
                           void (*derivs)(Treal, Treal[], Treal[]));

extern void odeint(Treal ystart[], int nvar, Treal x1, Treal x2, Treal eps, Treal h1, Treal hmin,
                           int& nok, int& nbad,
                           void (*derivs)(Treal, Treal[], Treal[]),
                           void (*rkqc)(Treal[],Treal[],int,Treal&,Treal,Treal,
                                                Treal[],Treal&,Treal&,void (*)(Treal, Treal[], Treal[])));

#define ODE_H 1


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