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 * This file is part of tela the Tensor Language.
 * Copyright (c) 1994-2001 Pekka Janhunen

#ifndef CTINFO_H

// -------------- types and functions to install C-functions ---------------

class Tobject;

typedef Tobject *TObjectPtr;
typedef const Tobject *TConstObjectPtr;

typedef int (*TCFunctionPtr)(const TConstObjectPtr in[], const int Nargin, const TObjectPtr out[], const int Nargout);

struct TCFunctionInfo {
      unsigned char *Cfname;
      unsigned char *helpfile;
      TCFunctionPtr Cfptr;
      int minin;
      int minout;
      int maxin;
      int maxout;
      long helpstart;
      long helpend;

extern void Install(const TCFunctionInfo& info);
extern void Install(const TCFunctionInfo infos[], const unsigned char modulename[]);

#define CTINFO_H


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