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#ifndef PNG_H

#ifdef __GNUC__
#  pragma interface

#include <iostream>
using std::ostream;
using std::istream;
using std::cerr;
using std::ends;
using std::ios;
using std::cout;
using std::flush;
using std::clog;
using std::endl;
#include <strstream>
using std::strstream;
using std::streampos;

#include <fstream>

#include "image.H"

class Tchunk {
      int len;                // number of bytes in chunk's data field
      char type[5];           // 4-character type (type[4]==0 always)
      unsigned char *data;    // the data field, if len==0, data==0 also
      unsigned long read_uint4(istream& in);
      bool write_uint4(ostream& out, unsigned long x) const;
      static unsigned long crc(unsigned char *buf, unsigned char *typecode, int len);
      static unsigned long update_crc(unsigned long crc, unsigned char *buf, int len);
      static unsigned long crc_table[256];
      static bool crc_table_computed;
      static void make_crc_table();
      Tchunk(const char *typestring, int chunklen);
      bool read(istream& in);
      bool write(ostream& out) const;
      int length() const {return len;}
      const char *typestr() const {return type;}
      unsigned char dataref(int i) const {return data[i];}
      void dataset(int i, unsigned char x) {data[i] = x;}
      unsigned char *data_addr() {return data;}
      unsigned int uint4ref(int i) const {return (data[i] << 24) | (data[i+1] << 16) | (data[i+2] << 8) | data[i+3];}
      void uint4set(int i, unsigned long x) {
            data[i] = (x >> 24) & 0xFF;
            data[i+1] = (x >> 16) & 0xFF;
            data[i+2] = (x >> 8) & 0xFF;
            data[i+3] = x & 0xFF;
      friend ostream& operator<<(ostream& o, const Tchunk& c);
      ~Tchunk() {if (data) delete [] data;}

extern bool pngcheckheader(istream& in);        // read 8 bytes and check if PNG magic signature
extern bool mngcheckheader(istream& in);        // read 8 bytes and check if MNG magic signature
extern bool pngwriteheader(ostream& out);       // write PNG file header (eight magic bytes)
extern bool mngwriteheader(ostream& out);       // write MNG file header (eight magic bytes)
extern bool pngread(istream& in, Timage& image);      // read PNG chunks IHDR...IEND (file header must be already read)
extern bool pngwrite(ostream& out, const Timage& image);          // write PNG image (IHDR+IDAT+IEND)
extern bool mngreadfirst(istream& in, Timage& image, int& w, int& h);
extern bool mngwritefirst(ostream& out, const Timage& image);
extern bool mngreadnext(istream& in, int w, int h, Timage& image);
extern bool mngwritenext(ostream& out, const Timage& image);
extern bool mngwriteendmark(ostream& out);

#define PNG_H


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