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#include <stdio.h>

/* class MPEG writes MPEG-2 animations
   Based on mpeg2encode v.1.2 96/07/19, C++ version by PJ 2000/04/16
   class MPEG has quite simple public interface, see bottom of file...

class MPEG {
#ifdef __sgi
      // frame buffer to store a few recent frames, needed because the algorithm adds frames not in sequential order
      class TFrameBuffer {
            typedef unsigned char *TUcharPtr;
            unsigned char **buff;         // M x 3 matrix (M == maxframes)
            int *npixvec;                       // vector storing npixels values
            int max_frames;                     // maximum number of frames in the frame buffer
            int nframes_now;              // current number of frames in the buffer
            int topframe_index;                 // index of the most recently added frame (-1 if no frame yet added)
            TFrameBuffer(int m) : max_frames(m), nframes_now(0), topframe_index(-1) {
                  buff = new TUcharPtr [max_frames*3];
                  npixvec = new int [max_frames];
            void add(const unsigned char r[], const unsigned char g[], const unsigned char b[], int npixels);
            int Nframes() const {return nframes_now;}
            bool getframe(int frame, unsigned char *&r, unsigned char *&g, unsigned char *&b, int& npixels) const;
    // macroblock information
      struct Tmbinfo {
            int mb_type; /* intra/forward/backward/interpolated */
            int motion_type; /* frame/field/16x8/dual_prime */
            int dct_type; /* field/frame DCT */
            int mquant; /* quantization parameter */
            int cbp; /* coded block pattern */
            int skipped; /* skipped macroblock */
            int MV[2][2][2]; /* motion vectors */
            int mv_field_sel[2][2]; /* motion vertical field select */
            int dmvector[2]; /* dual prime vectors */
            double act; /* activity measure */
            int var; /* for debugging */

    // motion data
      struct Tmotion_data {
            int forw_hor_f_code,forw_vert_f_code; /* vector range */
            int sxf,syf; /* search range */
            int back_hor_f_code,back_vert_f_code;
            int sxb,syb;
    // type definitions for variable length code table entries
      struct VLCtable {
            unsigned char code; /* right justified */
            char len;

    // for codes longer than 8 bits (excluding leading zeroes)
      struct sVLCtable {
            unsigned short code; /* right justified */
            char len;

      // conform.C
      void range_checks();
      void profile_and_level_checks();

      // fdctref.C
      void init_fdct(void);
      void fdct(short *block);

      // idct.C
      void idct(short *block);
      void init_idct();

      // motion.C
      void motion_estimation(unsigned char *oldorg, unsigned char *neworg,
                                       unsigned char *oldref, unsigned char *newref, unsigned char *cur,
                                       unsigned char *curref, int sxf, int syf, int sxb, int syb,
                                       Tmbinfo *mbi, int secondfield, int ipflag);

      // mpegintf.C
      void error(char *text);

      // predict.C
      void predict(unsigned char *reff[], unsigned char *refb[],
                         unsigned char *cur[3], int secondfield, Tmbinfo *mbi);

      // putbits.C
      void initbits();
      void putbits(int val, int n);
      void alignbits();
      int bitcount();

      // puthdr.C
      void putseqhdr();
      void putseqext();
      void putseqdispext();
      void putuserdata(char *userdata);
      void putgophdr(int frame, int closed_gop);
      void putpicthdr();
      void putpictcodext();
      void putseqend();

      // putmpg.C
      void putintrablk(short *blk, int cc);
      void putnonintrablk(short *blk);
      void putmv(int dmv, int f_code);

      // putpic.C
      void putpict(unsigned char *frame);

      // putvlc.C
      void putDClum(int val);
      void putDCchrom(int val);
      void putACfirst(int run, int val);
      void putAC(int run, int signed_level, int vlcformat);
      void putaddrinc(int addrinc);
      void putmbtype(int pict_type, int mb_type);
      void putmotioncode(int motion_code);
      void putdmv(int dmv);
      void putcbp(int cbp);

      // quantize.C
      int quant_intra(short *src, short *dst, int dc_prec,
                              unsigned char *quant_mat, int mquant);
      int quant_non_intra(short *src, short *dst,
                                    unsigned char *quant_mat, int mquant);
      void iquant_intra(short *src, short *dst, int dc_prec,
                                unsigned char *quant_mat, int mquant);
      void iquant_non_intra(short *src, short *dst,
                                      unsigned char *quant_mat, int mquant);

      // ratectl.C
      void rc_init_seq();
      void rc_init_GOP(int np, int nb);
      void rc_init_pict(unsigned char *frame);
      void rc_update_pict();
      int rc_start_mb();
      int rc_calc_mquant(int j);
      void vbv_end_of_picture();
      void calc_vbv_delay();

      // stats.C
      void calcSNR(unsigned char *org[3], unsigned char *rec[3]);
      void stats();
      // transfrm.C
      void transform(unsigned char *pred[], unsigned char *cur[],
                           Tmbinfo *mbi, short blocks[][64]);
      void itransform(unsigned char *pred[], unsigned char *cur[],
                              Tmbinfo *mbi, short blocks[][64]);
      void dct_type_estimation(unsigned char *pred, unsigned char *cur,
                                           Tmbinfo *mbi);
      // writepic.C
      void writeframe(char *fname, unsigned char *frame[]);

      // global variables
      // ----------------

      TFrameBuffer FrameBuffer;
      static char version[];
      static char author[];

      // zig-zag scan
      static unsigned char zig_zag_scan[64];

      // alternate scan
      static unsigned char alternate_scan[64];

      // default intra quantization matrix
      static unsigned char default_intra_quantizer_matrix[64];

      // non-linear quantization coefficient table
      static unsigned char non_linear_mquant_table[32];

    /* non-linear mquant table for mapping from scale to code
       * since reconstruction levels are not bijective with the index map,
       * it is up to the designer to determine most of the quantization levels

      static unsigned char map_non_linear_mquant[113];

      // picture data arrays

      // reconstructed frames
      unsigned char *newrefframe[3], *oldrefframe[3], *auxframe[3];
      // original frames
      unsigned char *neworgframe[3], *oldorgframe[3], *auxorgframe[3];
      // prediction of current frame
      unsigned char *predframe[3];
    // 8*8 block data
      short (*blocks)[64];
    // intra / non_intra quantization matrices
      unsigned char intra_q[64], inter_q[64];
      unsigned char chrom_intra_q[64],chrom_inter_q[64];
    // prediction values for DCT coefficient (0,0)
      int dc_dct_pred[3];
    // macroblock side information array
      Tmbinfo *mbinfo;
    // motion estimation parameters
      Tmotion_data *motion_data;
    // clipping (=saturation) table
      unsigned char *clp;

    // name strings
      char id_string[256], tplref[256];
      char iqname[256], niqname[256];
      char statname[256];
      char errortext[256];

      FILE *outfile, *statfile; // file descriptors

      bool quiet; // suppress warnings

    // coding model parameters

      int N; // number of frames in Group of Pictures
      int M; // distance between I/P frames
      int P; // intra slice refresh interval
      int frame0, tc0; // number and timecode of first frame
      int currentframenumber;
      bool mpeg1; // ISO/IEC IS 11172-2 sequence
      bool fieldpic; // use field pictures

    // sequence specific data (sequence header)

      int horizontal_size, vertical_size; // frame size (pels)
      int width, height; // encoded frame size (pels) multiples of 16 or 32
      int chrom_width,chrom_height,block_count;
      int mb_width, mb_height; // frame size (macroblocks)
      int width2, height2, mb_height2, chrom_width2; // picture size
      int aspectratio; // aspect ratio information (pel or display)
      int frame_rate_code; // coded value of frame rate
      double frame_rate; // frames per second
      double bpf; // bytes per frame
      double bit_rate; // bits per second
      int vbv_buffer_size; // size of VBV buffer (* 16 kbit)
      bool constrparms; // constrained parameters flag (MPEG-1 only)
      int load_iquant, load_niquant; // use non-default quant. matrices
      int load_ciquant,load_cniquant;

    // sequence specific data (sequence extension)

      int profile, level; // syntax / parameter constraints
      bool prog_seq; // progressive sequence
      int chroma_format;
      bool low_delay; // no B pictures, skipped pictures

    // sequence specific data (sequence display extension)
      int video_format; // component, PAL, NTSC, SECAM or MAC
      int color_primaries; // source primary chromaticity coordinates
      int transfer_characteristics; // opto-electronic transfer char. (gamma)
      int matrix_coefficients; // Eg,Eb,Er / Y,Cb,Cr matrix coefficients
      int display_horizontal_size, display_vertical_size; // display size

    // picture specific data (picture header)
      int temp_ref; // temporal reference
      int pict_type; // picture coding type (I, P or B)
      int vbv_delay; // video buffering verifier delay (1/90000 seconds)

    // picture specific data (picture coding extension)
      int forw_hor_f_code, forw_vert_f_code;
      int back_hor_f_code, back_vert_f_code; // motion vector ranges
      int dc_prec; // DC coefficient precision for intra coded blocks
      int pict_struct; // picture structure (frame, top / bottom field)
      bool topfirst; // display top field first
    // use only frame prediction and frame DCT (I,P,B,current)
      bool frame_pred_dct_tab[3];
      int frame_pred_dct;
      bool conceal_tab[3]; // use concealment motion vectors (I,P,B)
      bool qscale_tab[3];
      int q_scale_type; // linear/non-linear quantizaton table
      bool intravlc_tab[3];
      int intravlc; // intra vlc format (I,P,B,current)
      bool altscan_tab[3];
      int altscan; // alternate scan (I,P,B,current)
      bool repeatfirst; // repeat first field after second field
      bool prog_frame; // progressive frame

  // Some tables from putvlc.C
  static MPEG::VLCtable addrinctab[33];
  static MPEG::VLCtable mbtypetab[3][32];
  static MPEG::VLCtable cbptable[64];
  static MPEG::VLCtable motionvectab[17];
  static MPEG::sVLCtable DClumtab[12];
  static MPEG::sVLCtable DCchromtab[12];
  static MPEG::VLCtable dct_code_tab1[2][40];
  static MPEG::VLCtable dct_code_tab2[30][5];
  static MPEG::VLCtable dct_code_tab1a[2][40];
  static MPEG::VLCtable dct_code_tab2a[30][5];

      // private auxiliary functions
      void init();
      void DefaultParameters();
      void CheckParameters(int h, int m, int s, int f);
      void readquantmat();
      void conv444to422(unsigned char *src, unsigned char *dst);
      void conv422to420(unsigned char *src, unsigned char *dst);
      void GetYUVFrame(const unsigned char red[], const unsigned char green[], const unsigned char blue[],
                               unsigned char *frame[]);
      // putpic.C
      void putmvs(int MV[2][2][2], int PMV[2][2][2],
                        int mv_field_sel[2][2], int dmvector[2], int s, int motion_type,
                        int hor_f_code, int vert_f_code);
      // puthdr.C
      int frametotc(int frame);
      // putvlc.C
      void putDC(sVLCtable *tab, int val);
      // motion.C
      void frame_ME(unsigned char *oldorg, unsigned char *neworg, unsigned char *oldref, unsigned char *newref,
                          unsigned char *cur,
                          int i, int j, int sxf, int syf, int sxb, int syb,
                          Tmbinfo *mbi);
      void field_ME(unsigned char *oldorg, unsigned char *neworg,
                          unsigned char *oldref, unsigned char *newref, unsigned char *cur,
                          unsigned char *curref, int i, int j, int sxf, int syf, int sxb, int syb,
                          Tmbinfo *mbi, int secondfield, int ipflag);
      void frame_estimate(unsigned char *org, unsigned char *ref, unsigned char *mb,
                                    int i, int j, int sx, int sy,
                                    int *iminp, int *jminp, int *imintp, int *jmintp,
                                    int *iminbp,int *jminbp,int *dframep,int *dfieldp,
                                    int *tselp, int *bselp,
                                    int imins[2][2], int jmins[2][2]);
      void field_estimate(unsigned char *toporg, unsigned char *topref,
                                    unsigned char *botorg, unsigned char *botref,
                                    unsigned char *mb,
                                    int i, int j, int sx, int sy,
                                    int ipflag,
                                    int *iminp, int *jminp, int *imin8up, int *jmin8up,
                                    int *imin8lp, int *jmin8lp,
                                    int *dfieldp, int *d8p,
                                    int *selp, int *sel8up, int *sel8lp,
                                    int *iminsp, int *jminsp, int *dsp);
      void dpframe_estimate(unsigned char *ref, unsigned char *mb,
                                      int i, int j, int iminf[2][2], int jminf[2][2],
                                      int *iminp, int *jminp,
                                      int *imindmvp, int *jmindmvp,
                                      int *dmcp, int *vmcp);
      void dpfield_estimate(unsigned char *topref, unsigned char *botref, unsigned char *mb,
                                      int i, int j, int imins, int jmins,
                                      int *imindmvp, int *jmindmvp, int *dmcp, int *vmcp);
      int fullsearch(unsigned char *org, unsigned char *ref, unsigned char *blk,
                           int lx, int i0, int j0, int sx, int sy, int h,
                           int xmax, int ymax,
                           int *iminp, int *jminp);
      // predict.C
      void predict_mb(unsigned char *oldref[], unsigned char *newref[], unsigned char *cur[],
                              int lx, int bx, int by, int pict_type, int pict_struct,
                              int mb_type, int motion_type,
                              int secondfield, int PMV[2][2][2],
                              int mv_field_sel[2][2],
                              int dmvector[2]);
      void pred(unsigned char *src[], int sfield,
                    unsigned char *dst[], int dfield,
                    int lx, int w, int h, int x, int y,
                    int dx, int dy, int addflag);
      void calc_DMV(int DMV[][2], int *dmvector, int mvx, int mvy);
      void clearblock(unsigned char *cur[], int i0, int j0);
      // transfrm.C
      void add_pred(unsigned char *pred, unsigned char *cur,
                          int lx, short *blk);
      // ratectl.C
      void calc_actj(unsigned char *frame);

      // mpegintf.C
      bool try_to_add_frame();
      // Public interface of class MPEG
      // ------------------------------

      // Construct a new MPEG stream attached to OutputFile, giving image dimensions (in units of pixel)
      MPEG(const char *OutputFile, int Width, int Height);

      void set_mpeg1(bool flag);
      void set_verbose(bool flag) {quiet=!flag;}
      void bytes_per_frame(double bpf1) {bpf = bpf1; bit_rate = frame_rate*8*bpf;}
      void frames_per_second(double fps) {frame_rate = fps; bit_rate = frame_rate*8*bpf;}
      void Iframes_only(bool flag);
      // Add one frame to the animation. The RGB pixel arrays must be given.
      // They must be matrices of type [Height][Width], i.e. width coordinate varies fastest
      void addframe(const unsigned char red[], const unsigned char green[], const unsigned char blue[]);

      // Finish writing the animation and close the MPEG stream

      // ------------------------------

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